Pregnant Belly Art

Pregnant Belly Art is fast becoming the most unique way to express and capture this very special moment in your pregnancy. Our artist will transform your pregnant bell into any design, theme or leave it to our artist to create a one of kind piece of art. You and your family will never forget this experience. We bring your belly to life for everyone to enjoy. Our artist will come to your home and the process will take just under two hours to complete.

We also provide professional photography services to capture this special moment to share and save as an heirloom. We use the newest technology of Nikon DSLR cameras and studio lighting to capture the moment in true color in the comfort of your home. We will save the images to a CD for you to use copyright free.

Our rate is very affordable, so call one our representatives at 954-417-4627 or email

Watch our own Paola Gallardo on TV. She was featured on Tu Bebe January 4, 2011:
Then click on TuBebe - Episidio 27

*All ingredients in the products used are FDA approve to use on the skin and are mild and gentle and wash off easily with soap and water.

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