Temporary Tattoos

Customized Temporary Tattoos are the hottest art rage at parties. Adults and kids love Tattoos. Our Airbrush artists can create any design, theme, logos and more. We specialize in Airbrush Temporary Tattoos for parties, events, shows, print advertisement, commercials and more. All Tattoos are water proof and can be easily removed rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Depending on skin type or care, the design will last up to 5 days or more.

Are they safe?

YES! We use only FDA approved temporary tattoo inks which are made specifically for skin, and easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

How many tattoos can you apply in an hour?

Approximately 20-30 per hour.

How are the tattoos applied?

Airbrush tattoos are applied by spraying the ink through a stencil onto the skin with an airbrush. Because the air pressure for this is extremely low, there is no "overspray" or fumes to worry about and can be done indoors without problems.

What is the cost?

Our rate is very affordable, so call one our representatives at 954-417-4627 or email hello@bestpartyplanner.net.

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