Airbrushed Tees

Airbrush t-shirts, caps and other customized party favors will make your party a memorable one.

We bring the blank items, your guests choose the design they want and watch as we create their personalized party favor.

We can airbrush on t-shirts, hats, boxers, tanks, and tote bags!


Is it messy?

No. The paint is contained in sealed airbrush bottles so they cannot spill. The airbrushes are set on "fine spray" so the paint goes on the shirt and nowhere else. The paint is non-toxic and there are no "fumes" so the painting can be done inside without worries. All items are washable.

How many items can you paint per hour?

Shirts are approximately 15 per hour. Caps approximately 25 per hour.

What do I need to supply?

Just an area to work, about 5' x 8', and access to electricity.

What is the cost?

Our hourly rate is very affordable and varies depending on the drive time for the artist to your party. We will try to send an artist who is located closest to you. In addition there is a materials fee of $3.00 per item that we paint at your party.

Our rate is very affordable, so call one our representatives at 954-603-1093.

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